Dotted Block Tiny Feedback


Use Dotted Block performance management tool in combination with your traditional EPM software. We're here to enhance your journey!


Let your employee use their own social network in order to validate behavioural traits.


Rather than working towards achieving 123 doohickey in a day, work towards improving employees lives.


The players in the system support the players in the system. The system supports greater organizational goals.

Dotted Block Tiny Feedback™

The Dotted Block Tiny Feedback platform allows employees to set, track, and monitor their own objectives while serving the greater needs of the business. To accomplish this feat, the platform drastically enhances the feedback process between employees. In less than 30 seconds, an employee can give a positive nudge to another employee without the hassle of filling out long and tedious forms.

We believe in tiny feedbacks

Nothing screams success like receiving a large number of acknowledgement for an objective you're working on. We don't believe that an objective should be discussed once every 6 months. We believe that objectives should be known and supported by the employee's network.

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Core Values

Passionate Performance Management

Our team is passionate about grass root performance management. We truly believe that employee can manage their own performance through the power of their network.

Networked Performance Management

The power of the network is greater than the power of the manager. We believe that the feedback received by the employee's network is far more valuable than management feedback every six months.

Just In Time Performance Management

Every day, progress is made towards achieving greater goals. Visualize your employees' progress through Dotted Block's performance management platform. Already have a tool you use for objectives settings? No worries, you can use Dotted Block as a your day-to-day companion.